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We only need the copy of the invoice or contract. You can fill out the following form, or if it is more comfortable for you, you can send it by WhatsApp.


No commitment needed. Within two hours we will give you an answer with no commitment on your side. Once we give the approval, we will ask for the necessary data to elaborate the contract and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Your Money

As soon as we receive the signed contract and the debtor is notified of the assignment, you will receive an immediate transfer.

Bill Advancement of Private Companies and Public Administration

We manage the assignment of specific invoices, contracts or future credits, providing liquidity quickly and easily.

✔ The discounted amounts do not affect your CIRBE’s banking risk.
✔ You are provided with an unlimited depending on your client’s rating.
✔ Tariffs adjusted depending on term and drawee risk.
✔ Our risk analysis allows to know your client’s rating in order to avoid payment default risk.
✔ We offer credit insurance service to protect your business even better.

At Workcapital we offer the possibility of advance invoices issued to your clients, facilitating the liquidity of your business when it needs the most.

The Invoice Advance, also known as Factoring, is a financial service that allows you to cover cash gaps, turning your credit sales into cash sales.

This service implies the communication to the debtor of the assigned credits, who must make the payment to Workcapital as the new beneficiary of the credit.

We anticipate invoices from private companies, as well as from any public body, periodically or occasionally.

In Workcapital you will find a team of professionals who will advise you and assess your study quickly, closely and transparently.

Find out without any kind of commitment and discover our portfolio of financial products:

At Worcapital we solve your doubts about the Advance of Invoices or Factoring

  1. Invoices from national private companies and the Euro Zone: The assignment can be linked to specific invoices, contracts or all future credits, we adapt to your needs.
  2. Preconfirming: If the confirmation process is delayed, we can also anticipate your invoices.
  3. Public Administration Invoices: Certifications of town halls, councils, etc.
The interest to be applied in the advance payment of invoices depends on the term of the operation until maturity and the credit quality of the debtor.
Financial Institution: Company that advances the invoice to the supplier, acquiring the collection rights. Upon maturity, the debtor will collect the previously anticipated invoice.

Vendor: Acts as transferor. It transmits the collection rights to the Financial Institution, obtaining immediate liquidity, assuming the interests corresponding to the anticipated term.

Debtor: Company or self-employed worker who must pay at a future date, for the merchandise or services received.

The Advance of Invoices without recourse is an exclusive Product that allows you to protect your portfolio from the non-payment of your clients, saving you from any responsibility against the debtor.
  • – Tax Identification Code (CIF)
  • – Deed of Incorporation
  • – Deed of powers of the representative of the company
  • – ID of the representative
  • – Certificate of ownership of the bank account
  • – Certificate of being up to date with Social Security and Tax Agency obligations
(*) If Workcapital considers it necessary, it may request additional information to the previous documents

Advance your Invoice:

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Response in 2h. Immediate payment
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Outsourcing of collection management
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Study without commitment
Assessment without any cost.
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Workcapital does not apply withholdings or additional commissions to the study price
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Rates adjusted to the expiration date and credit debtor's quality
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Without CIRBE
The discounted amounts do not affect your CIRBE’s banking risk
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Unlimited provision
Debtor study, we do not analyze our clients
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Portfolio knowledge
Know the profile of your clients and avoid unpaid

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