Discount on promissory notes

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1. Contact Us

We only need a copy of the promissory note and the bill.


No commitment needed. Within two hours we will give you an answer with no commitment on your side. Once we give the approval, we will ask for the necessary data to elaborate the contract and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

3. Your Money

As soon as we receive the signed contract and the promissory note endorsed, you will receive an immediate transfer.

Promissory notes discount characteristics

The service stands out for its speed and efficiency.
Each operation is unique and you can discount as many times as your business needs to.

– Without signing a credit line or going to the notary.
– We do not do any withholdings.
– You are provided with an unlimited depending on your client’s rating.
– The discounted amounts do not affect your CIRBE’s banking risk.
– Tariffs adjusted depending on term and drawee risk.
– Our risk analysis allows to know your client’s rating in order to avoid payment default risk.
– We offer credit insurance service to protect your business even better.

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