Workcapital now discounts promissory notes in Madrid

It is now possible to discount promissory notes in Madrid more quickly from our new Delegation. The national expansion of Workcapital SA is unstoppable.

Madrid has already joined the list of delegations that the company dedicated to providing financing to SMEs and freelancers through Promissory Note Discount and Factoring.

The delegation of Madrid joins those already open in Andalucía, Catalunya y Baleares which comes to ensure the rapid expansion that Workcapital SA is having in the state market of Discount of Promissory Notes and Factoring.

Since a few days the company has opened to what is undoubtedly the epicenter of the national economy, Madrid and its Community. And we couldn’t have done it in a better company.

Fedrico Salgado is the delegate of Workcapital not only in Madrid and its province but in the surrounding provinces too.

FEDERICO SALGADO Delegado Madrid en WorkCapital noticia
Federico Salgado, Madrid delegate

Federico Salgado: expert in financial sector

Federico Salgado Pérez is a Madrid native where he was born in 1961. And so he talks about his career before he arrived at Workcapital SA:

Most of my professional life has been spent in the company Iberia Multigestion where I have been until this very year.

I have done everything in this organization: I have been a portfolio manager, participated in the purchase of portfolios, I have opened offices and, what is now our responsibility, is that I have worked on Discount of Promissory Notes from 1999 to 2014 in the company Corfisa.


Workcapital on social media

Salgado tells how you came to contact Workcapital SA:

“I saw it through Linkedin in an article in which I read that they need collaborators. And I was encouraged. The next day I got a call from the CEO, Juan Carlos Grau, and we decided to meet in Madrid and now we are working together”


Federico brings experience and a lot of motivation

With the officiality of its incorporation it is time to get to work. Salgado believes that he can:

“To bring experience and a lot of motivation and hopefully all this leads us to have many customers for the benefit of both the company and the customers themselves who can benefit from our services.”

About the company, in the time it has come into contact with it he says:

“The truth is that the staff of Workcapital SA is their best weapon because it has a very young and dynamic workforce with which many things can be done. Besides, I see that there is a very good atmosphere which will make it easier for us all to work. Spending many hours together if there is a good environment things are done with more affection and always going to the benefit of the customer which is the most important thing”

If you consolidate in Madrid you have consolidated in the national market

Regarding its geographical responsibility points:

“I live in Madrid and I can cover the whole province, but surely options will arise to bring the financing to SMEs and autonomous to other provinces such as Segovia, Avila, Toledo, Guadalajara and also to what are the other provinces of the two Castillas.”

But its real focus will be on the capital and surroundings where much of the Spanish business fabric is concentrated:

“In Madrid, it is a step forward for any company because it is the capital and there is a lot of economic movement. If you consolidate in Madrid you have consolidated in the state market.”

“I hope that with my help we can enter a market that is not going to be easy. Because there’s a lot of competition, besides it’s very big. I expect all the support from Workcapital SA because we can capture a very large project and that, if we do it right, can give us a significant boost to the company.”.

It’s a good project, especially for customers

About the markets he wants to focus on explains:

“I don’t think we should close doors and look for any guild, but it’s clear that we have to look at the construction that is now raising, or even the food sector.”

“Even if I did, it didn’t fail, but I think we need to peck at the market to see what sector we can focus on the most.”

And he defines himself as follows:

“I am a very constant person and I know what I want. I’m not going to play, I want to get this ahead because it’s a good project for me and I’m convinced it’s going to be okay and it’s going to be beneficial for the company, for me and especially for the customers.”.

“It’s a good time because the economy is better and I think the political situation will stabilize and everything is going to get ahead.”.


If you would like to contact Federico Salgado call +34 637 26 94 69 or send your promissory note directly to

We will answer in less than 2 hours

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