Workcapital upholds transparency

Workcapital SA has implemented the Ethical Channel in its activity. The company, specialized in financing through the discount of promissory notes and factoring of SMEs and self-employed, thus demonstrates its commitment to transparency.

When a customer or provider trusts a financial organization, the first thing they expect is for the whole process to be as transparent and legal as possible.

With the introduction of the Ethical Channel in Workcapital SA we offer the necessary guarantee framework to offer full confidence that the whole process is in line with the obligations required by this new tool under Law 10/2010 on the Prevention of Money Laundering and terrorist financing (LPBCFT).

Alliance with Cumplenorm

In order to ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of the communicators and to provide a professional service Workcapital SA has chosen to hire Cumplenorm as an independent external expert for channel management.

Reyes Molina, head of the legal department, explains:


Workcapital SA is a company legally required under current legislation because it is a financial institution, so we have opted for the preparation and delivery of training programs on the Prevention of Money Laundering for both the Legal Department and for the rest of our staff, forming each of the companions.


Since 2010, the regulation, reaching the volume we are, obliges us to implement models and take measures that provide for the provenance of the funds we use to provide financing; to be as confident as these funds are not illegal sources, are not used for money laundering or come from terrorist financing.

Workcapital Canal Etico
Reyes Molina, head of the legal department

Multiple benefits

And she points out about the benefits of implementation:


“The implementation in our company of the LPBCFT mitigates the risk of our investments, in addition to providing us with benefits such as: improving our reputation, avoiding criminal convictions and administrative sanctions, contributes to the proper functioning of the market, prevents fraud, ensures regulatory compliance within the organization, is a seal of quality and trust for our investors, suppliers and customers, raises the ethical standards of the company and is another step within the consolidation plans we have in Workcapital SA.”.


The introduction of this Ethical Channel has meant a formal change but has not affected the daily activity of our staff. Since our market launch of financing SMEs and self-employed people we have always put our principles and values ahead of any operation.


Promissory Note Discount Distinction

Ethics is a fundamental value in the activity we develop at Workcapital SA, it is a trust-generating factor that represents a true seal of distinction that our customers and the market value in an extraordinary way.

To ensure this objective, the management of Workcapital has approved an Ethical Code that guides all professionals on how to act in situations of difficult ethical management and has an Ethical Channel of communication and denunciation of possible irregularities committed within the company.


Behavioral guidelines

The Code of Ethics implemented in Workcapital SA aims to establish the values and ethical principles that govern the company’s performance, as well as the general guidelines of conduct that must follow, in the fulfillment of its functions, all its administrators, managers, employees and those other persons whose activity is expressly subject to the Code of Ethics

Violating the Code of Ethics is considered a serious event that has consequences for the offender or for those who, being knowledgeable, do not communicate it.

The Ethical Channel is a tool that allows to communicate, confidentially, those potentially irregular activities that may constitute a breach of the Code of Ethics or the commission of a criminal offense in the company.

At Workcapital SA we consider the Ethical Channel an opportunity to improve our organization, which allows us to detect behaviors contrary to our ethical principles and solve possible doubts about unclear or ambiguous situations, which may compromise our principles and values.

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