Social Corporate Responsability

Ethical Channel

At Workcapital we prioritize our values and principles

Ethics and fulfillment

Ethics is a fundamental value in the development of our work and it generates trust. These factors are essential for both our clients and the market.

At Workcapital we expect all our employees to behave according to the highest ethical standards.

In order to meet this goal, Workcapital’s Management has established an ethical code which guides employees on the right way to handle ethical issues. In addition, Workcapital has an ethical channel for communication of potential irregularities.

Ethical code

Our Ethical Code has the objective of establishing the values and ethical principles which guide the actions of the company as well as their managers, directors, employees and any other individual whose task is explicitly included in the Code of Ethics.

Breaking the Ethical Code is considered a serious offense that leads to consequences for the offender and for anyone who, having knowledge of the breach, has failed to communicate it.

Ethical Channel

Our Ethical Channel is a tool that can be used to communicate with confidentiality any irregularities that could be a violation of the company’s ethical code.

At Workcapital we consider the Ethical Channel an opportunity to improve our organization, which allows us to detect behaviours that break our ethical principles and to solve any possible doubts about ambiguous situations, which can put our principles and values in risk.

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